Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the minimum project duration 4 hours per project?

The nature of small projects (<4 hours) is that there is a lot of overhead time required to complete them. While a project may only require 2 hours of actual work, the correspondence about it and revisions can increase this twofold without it being immediately obvious that this has been the case. Short projects also suffer from less averaging of time required for each task and result in tighter timeframes which can be easily broken due to an unexpected complication. In some cases what is originally thought to be a simple modification can end up taking a significantly longer amount of time. A minimum of 4 hours billed per project insures that no matter the overhead required for a small project, the time spent on the project is adequately compensated.

I've had a template made, can you provide additional modifications on an ad hoc basis?

Definitely, it's understandable that your needs may change with time or you might want help with putting your content into the template produced for you. Simply enquire with your requirements and a quick estimate can be provided for you. The 4 hour minimum project duration does not apply to this as further modifications are made on an ad hoc basis.

Can you typeset documents in languages besides English?

LaTeX Typesetting will only typeset documents in English. However, if you have an existing LaTeX document in another language that you wish to modify, this modification can be done regardless of the content in the document.

How is payment to be made?

The preferred method of payment for all contracts is via PayPal invoice, which can be paid by credit card with no additional charge to you. PayPal provides a safe and simple platform for payment and has the added bonus of automatically providing invoices for tax purposes. Payment can also be made by international bank transfer on request.

Why does any payment have to be made up front?

The services provided by LaTeX Typesetting often take significant amounts of time to complete. Charging half the quoted project duration up front ensures that work carried out will not be abandoned without payment and therefore acts as an insurance policy for your intent to carry out your end of the transaction.

Can you provide me with a PDF invoice?

Yes, a PDF invoice can be provided on request. Please ask for this during your enquiry.

Can you work on documents that have been created or are to be used with LyX, Sage, Scientific Workplace, etc?

LaTeX Typesetting only works with LaTeX (including XeLaTeX) code intended to be compiled with the standard pdflatex or xelatex engines. This means that if you use another application that uses LaTeX and you require modification of these documents, LaTeX Typesetting will only deal with the standard LaTeX parts of the document and leave the rest alone. No support can be provided for other applications as there are a multitude of applications that utilise LaTeX and it's time consuming to become an expert in all of them. Producing plain LaTeX allows a more efficient and rapid service that is most likely to be compatible with the widest diversity of workflows.