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Why LaTeX?

LaTeX is an incredibly powerful typesetting system that can be used to create virtually any document type and layout. Used extensively in technical fields for over 30 years, it is ideal for creating templates for commercial and personal documents you routinely produce. LaTeX is free, open source and works on all platforms.

Document Aesthetics Are Important

It's common to put a lot of work into creating a beautiful website for your business, but documents are often overlooked and created using a generic word processor. This leaves much to be desired when your documents can be as integral to your brand as digital media.

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No Need to Start From Scratch

As part of, LaTeX Typesetting can provide a starting point for your ideas by using an existing template. Whether you're a novice to LaTeX who needs help modifying a template you like, or an advanced LaTeX user with no time to create a suite of document types for your business, you're covered.

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Services Provided

LaTeX Template Creation Creation of a LaTeX template to your design specifications and usability requirements. Design and typography improvements suggested if required.

LaTeX Template/Code Modification Modifying your existing LaTeX template or code to your visual or written specifications.

LaTeX Typesetting Adding your content to an existing LaTeX template or document.

Document Automation Using LaTeX Helping you use LaTeX to automate document production on servers you control.

Attention to Detail and High Code Quality

Implementing design specifications requires a strong attention to detail, since small sizing or whitespace differences can play a big role in the overall feel of the document. Doing it right the first time reduces the amount of back and forth and saves you time and money. Of course, templates are made to be used and not just admired, so high code quality is a particular point of pride for LaTeX Typesetting. Your template itself will be stripped of all layout specification code so template users can focus on their content, while the LaTeX class specifying the layout will have extensive commenting to explain what each line is doing so you can easily make changes.

Experienced, Friendly and Prompt Service

LaTeX Typesetting has been operating since 2013 with a large number of completed projects and happy clients. You can count on long term availability to support and expand your LaTeX templates. Your project will also benefit from experience with document design and typography, and you can ask for suggestions for improving your design specifications or workflow. Finally, your project will be completed in a prompt manner with allowances for tight deadlines, and you will always receive a professional and friendly service.

About Creodocs Ltd.

Creodocs Ltd. is a small business based in Boston (USA), developed and operated by the founder, Vel.
The focus of the company is on using LaTeX to create high quality documents for business, academic and personal use.

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