Showcase of Previous Work

This page contains examples of some of the work conducted by LaTeX Typesetting.
The examples are divided into the two services offered: Creation/Modification Service and Typesetting Service.

Template Creation/Modification Service

Product Report

Client: Zurich Instruments | Project Duration: 10 hours

The client provided an existing product documentation report they wished to re-create in LaTeX for ease of modification. The document was to be precisely re-created using the same font, page layout, spacing and document design. The Stylish Article template was chosen as the template that most resembled this report and extensive modifications were carried out to meet specifications. The unmodified template is pictured below (left) with the finished documentation report (right). Click the images for full length PDFs.

Company Report

Client: Ausvet | Project Duration: 8 hours

The client submitted an existing company report Word template for conversion to a LaTeX template. The resulting template uses image and font assets supplied by the client and makes these easily accessible through standard LaTeX commands (e.g. \textrm{}). The LaTeX template features an automated table of contents, list of tables and list of figures to be output on one page and customises section titles and headers/footers to match the existing report design. Where possible, standard LaTeX commands are used for all sections, appendices, references, tables and figures but the style of these is transparently customised in a separate structure.tex file.

A big benefit of using LaTeX for this report is that all report information (shown in square brackets in the preview) is set by template users once using custom commands such as \projectleadname{[Project Lead]} at the start of the template file. This information is then automatically used throughout the report where needed and can be referenced anywhere by calling the command again without a parameter, e.g. \projectleadname. Below is the original Word version (left) and the finished LaTeX version (right); click each one for the full PDF to view all document elements.

Academic Journal Article Template

Client: Herpetological Conservation and Biology | Project Duration: 10 hours

This project involved the creation of a LaTeX template to be used by authors for submissions to an academic journal. The idea for the template was inspired by the desire to reduce the amount of time wasted by editors on typesetting articles for publication in Word/Quark Express. The goals were to precisely match the current style of the journal and make the template as easy to use as possible. The template includes many custom commands for things such as volume, issue, start page, author list, author affiliations, copyright notice, and author biography. Below is the original Word version (left) and the finished LaTeX version (right); click each one for the full PDF to view all document elements.


Client: Calyx d.o.o. | Project Duration: 7 hours

The aim of this project was to re-create an existing invoice in LaTeX and modify the layout and typeface to improve the design. An important additional requested feature was the complete automation of invoice calculations, including: due date calculation (unlimited future dates), row net totals, row VAT (as any percentage), row totals, grand net/VAT/totals, and currency conversion (based on an adjustable exchange rate specified in the template). All numbers were to be printed in Euros, with support for large numbers. The Invoice template was used as a starting point for this project but extensive modifications were carried out to meet specifications, particularly for the mathematical operations required to automate invoice calculations. The original company invoice is pictured below (left - black boxes substitute sensitive information), as is the finished invoice (right). Click the images for large versions.

Project Report

Client: DNV GL (Strategic Research and Innovation Department) | Project Duration: 7 hours

This project came from the desire to faithfully reproduce an existing Microsoft Word project report template in LaTeX. The template was created from the ground up and the result was a LaTeX class storing the document layout and a TeX file specifying document content. Pictured below is the original Word specification for the template (left) and the finished LaTeX version (right). Click the images for the PDF documents with many more details.

Beamer Presentation

Client: DNV GL (Strategic Research and Innovation Department) | Project Duration: 9.5 hours

The specifications for this project were to re-create a PowerPoint template in the LaTeX Beamer class with some additions. The work involved creating a new Beamer theme to accommodate the specifications, primarily through ample use of TikZ. Many custom commands and switches were made for things like the business area, presentation information, confidentiality level, etc. Below you will find the PowerPoint version on the left and the finished Beamer template on the right, click each one to get larger PDF versions including many more details.

Travel Book

Client: Fundación Almanaque Azul | Project Duration: 40 hours

This project was a major undertaking to create a template to be used by the Almanaque Azul organization to write a travel book for visitors to Panama. The template specifications were drafted by a professional designer and provided to LaTeX Typesetting as a PDF with pixel-precision definitions of element positioning and sizing. Major elements created for this template include: 6 levels of headings with vastly different styles (from \part to \paragraph), full page images (both single and double page), custom fonts including an icon font, single-column image positioning within text, image positioning as a half-page going to the margins, two-column image positioning in line with text with a caption, single/double column custom text boxes and a custom index style. Commands were created in Spanish to enable those without a thorough understanding of LaTeX to contribute to the book using simple commands that would perform complex actions. The two images below are from the template and show headings 2 to 6, click either one to see a PDF of the whole template showing all of the document elements created for it.

University Formal Letter

Client: Senior staff member at the University of Guelph | Project Duration: 4 hours

A senior staff member at the University of Guelph wished to use LaTeX to write formal letters in the university style. The university provides Word templates for staff members so this served as the model for the LaTeX template, along with a few small extra tweaks requested by the client. Pictured here is the model from Word on the left, along with the completed LaTeX template on the right. Click the images for PDF documents of the letters.

Technical Report – Title Page

Client: EnableSecurity | Project Duration: 4 hours

This project involved the modification of an existing technical report LaTeX template to fit with a set of design specifications. Pictured here is the modification to the title page of the report from the previous version (left) to the modified version (right). Click the images for PDF documents of the title pages.

Puzzle Book

Client: Qatanga LLC | Project Duration: 23.5 hours

This project involved the typesetting of a 616 page puzzle book for Qatanga LLC. The work involved the modification of the Legrand Orange Book template to change a number of layout parameters and add a large number of puzzles. Puzzles were supplied by the client in LaTeX but needed modification to improve their design, once a design was agreed upon with the client all puzzles were automatically converted to the new design using a custom Perl script. Pictured here is the original template (left) and the modified version including puzzles (right). Click the images for the PDF documents of the two versions. Only 2 pages of puzzles and 1 page of solutions are present in the PDF of the new version since this is a commercial product available for sale on Amazon.

Template Typesetting Service

Academic Article

Client: Academic Researcher | Project Duration: 5.5 hours

This project was commissioned by a researcher wishing to convert her academic article from a plain Microsoft Word document to the Journal Article LaTeX template for distribution to colleagues and collaborators. The image on the left is the Word version and the image on the right is the final LaTeX version. Click each image to see a PDF excerpt of each version including some article content, references and tables.

Commercial Article

Client: DVFA | Project Duration: 5 hours

This project was carried out to convert a draft of an article from Word to the Stylish Article LaTeX Template. Minor modifications were made to the template to customize it to the style that DVFA desired including changing the primary language to German, modifying the title section, changing the main font and modifying the headers/footers. On the left is the original Word article and on the right is the final LaTeX conversion (note that the content in this is still in a draft stage). Click the images for full length PDF documents.

Curricula Vitae

Client: Huckelberry Finne | Project Duration: 3 hours (including template modifications)

This project was to convert an existing CV from Word to LaTeX to vastly improve the appearance and make it stand out. The client submitted his CV and specified the template he would like it typeset in. Following the first draft, several modifications were made to the template to squeeze in his content into 2 pages by reducing margins and whitespace. The two documents below highlight the potential improvement to be gained from converting your existing Word CV/Resume (left) to a LaTeX template (right). Click the images for the full PDF documents.